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Exercise_is_Medicine_LogoExercise Is Medicine -Info Sheets
1. Cardiovascular Disease
2. Type 2 Diabetes
3. Depression
4. Osteoporosis
5. Lower Back Pain
6. Falls Prevention
7. Type 1 Diabetes
8. Dyslipidaemia
9. Chronic Heart Failure
10. Chronic Pain
11. Cystic Fibrosis
12. Hypertension
13. Kidney Disease

What Our Patients Are Saying

“No pressure to increase levels of activity beyond my ability to perform, regular assessment and program adjustment and consistency”  Alison K

“You aren’t just thrown in the deep end!  This is very important for someone of my age and someone who has not been part of any “exercise culture” Allen H

“I feel more confident as I am monitored and encouraged every step of the way.  Because of this I have more commitment to attain my goals”  Maureen F

“This is not a gym in the common context but rather somewhere that your individual needs are catered for specifically”  Bill D

“The main areas that I found  most helpful were the scientific approach to my program and the black and white of the specific exercise, the dedication and cheerfulness of the staff and constant encouragement, the ability to attend before work and the measurable results and updates along the way”  Barbara J

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 The Exercise Clinic signs agreement with Royal North Shore Hospital and The University of Sydney to deliver the physical activity and education components of the CHALLENGE Colon Cancer international research study. 
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